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RD Alchemy - 100% Natural & Organic Nutrient Mineral Cleanser

RD Alchemy - 100% Natural & Organic Nutrient Mineral Cleanser


Item Form: Cleanser
Skin Type: All, Stressed, Oily, Combination, Malnourished
Brand: RD Alchemy Natural Products
Material Feature: Organic, Natural
Material Type Free: Soap Free,Sulfate Free Nourish & Renew Stressed, Congested & Malnourished Skin. Contains Chlorella, Spirulina, Noni Fruit, & Kelp. A Professional Favorite Face Wash!

FRESH DAILY DETOX & NOURISHMENT - This Organic face wash is gentle enough for daily use without over drying as it provides your skin with the powerful nutrients it needs in order to receive that fresh detox!
LOADED WITH SUPERFOODS FOR ENHANCED SKIN NOURISHMENT - This all natural facial cleanser is a Professional Favorite for a reason! It is loaded with Antioxidants from superfood algaes such as Spirulina and Chlorella, combined with highly mineralized seaweed extracts of Kelp & Bladderwrack to provide the skin with powerful nourishment, antioxidant components, and detoxifying properties.
FROM STRESSED SKIN TO HEALTHY SKIN - Air pollution, poor diets and toxic habits can leave your skin looking unhealthy and dull. With the use of antioxidants and seaweeds, your skin will feel and look healthier & renewed with a clean complexion.
PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - Our organic, sulfate free / soap free cleanser is a formula great for Combination, Oily, Malnourished, Stressed Skin Types but also for everyone wanting to amp up their nutrient content to reveal healthier, more nourished skin.
SIZE: 6 oz | 180 ml

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